What's beyond Bad Weekend 2?

2010-04-10 14:49:06 by NicBuhrmanProjects

Now that Bad Weekend 2 is finished and published (and to great success thanks to all of you :D), what's next? Well, first off, I've been pumping out the cartoons like a maniac. 4 cartoons in a month, all of them scoring over 4.00. How can I not be pleased with those results?

More dominating than these cartoons is the schoolwork I have at college. 18 credit hours this quarter, exams coming up, projects nearing due-date, I've got a lot to do. I suppose it remains to be seen when I can begin working on the next cartoon. I'm certain that the next cartoon (whether or not it is apart of the "Notebook Adventure" series) probably won't be coming out as soon as the others do following new publications. Not only because of schoolwork but also because after each new cartoon, I try and raise the bar for myself. That includes making the voice acting better, making the animation smoother--just trying to do whatever I can to not disappoint people who have an expectation.

I feel like I let people down when I published Frog Life Crisis. It scored well, sure, but overall it generated more dissent than the other cartoons--and rightfully so. Even I, in retrospect, am disappointed with the level of humor in that cartoon. I suppose I wanted to try and branch in a different direction, one that mixed drama with subtle humor, but really I don't think that's the direction these kinds of cartoons should take.

So now, I think about what is next. I ultimately choose what happens, but I'm curious what you think. Do you want a Bad Weekend 3? Do you want something else? I definitely have ideas for another installment for Mr. Patrick. I sure do love the character and the world he resides in, but maybe it's overkill. I'm willing to accept that.

Let me know what you think!



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2010-04-10 15:48:55

I think continuing bad weekend would be great. I enjoy the characters and humor but from reading this it sounds like you want to challenge yourself and if that's the case you shouldn't be discouraged by frog life crisis, it did do pretty damn well after all. I'm guessing it might come down to whether you want to please others or please yourself, I know witch one I would choose. Whatever you do decide to do keep up the good work and good luck with the schooling.


2010-04-10 19:27:56

uuuuum i think it better a bad weekend 3 X3


2010-04-10 20:32:15

You should make Bad Week or just make Bad Weekend three with more funny!!


2010-04-10 21:05:53

you should do a bad weekend 3
cause bad weekend and bad weekend 2 where the funniest
cartoons ever made


2010-04-10 21:58:50

You need to stop while you're ahead kiddo.


2010-04-10 22:00:53

A Bad Weekend 3 would be awesome! I have a feeling it would just get better and better. I LOVE his character. Definitely NOT overkill.


2010-04-11 00:07:55

I think a bad weekend 3 would be a great idea. just dont over use some jokes because then the cartoon will get too repetitive. either than that it'll be perfect ^^.
love the teacher too lol


2010-04-11 00:28:10

please keep doing this animations they are as funny as hell!. there should be a Badweekend 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 89 90 011341235 and many more!!


2010-04-11 11:39:30

Make a remake of the first bad weekend with BW2 graphics. :D


2010-04-11 19:37:22

Just like most great charcters, it's best to basicaly run them dry;
I mean what do you got to lose by it, you gotta a damm good working idea and nobody gonna run you down over it so keep juice'in it intill the score goes below 7.0

So yes i'm pretty sure the public agrees that keeping a fimilar face will work.


2010-04-11 19:41:16

bad weekend 3 !
please !


2010-04-11 20:39:04

Stop making bad weekends.

NicBuhrmanProjects responds:

Hey, I'm all for freedom of speech/writing, but I'd rather you not spam the post with multiple negative comments that would be better put all in one comment--ala why I deleted the other ones.


2010-04-19 14:36:26

Are you nuts?! The Bad Weekend series is your calling card! It's like Krinkels thinking that Madness Combat isn't good enough. I NEED MORE OF MR.PATRICK! Honestly, I would completely love it if you made Bad Weekend an official series, it's just that good.


2010-11-27 02:16:49

Please make another Bad Weekend. In fact, you should make a series of them. But I think you should also branch out too. Try new things. They won't always be seen as great but its good to experiment.